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Brake cooling – Tested and proven!

Does brake cooling really add value? A fast car, a relatively small standard brake system & a powerful brake pad on the Bilster Berg! - Is that going well?A look at the standard brake disks of our GR86 shows: Despite our brake cooling system, there is still a...

|Jul 2, 2023

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Our wings explained!!!

Why, wherefore and how do we develop how? Several hours of development and dozens of trackday tests have gone into finding the perfect geometry for the wing feet, optimizing the connection to the boot lid and determining the right width for the wing blade. SPEED...

|May 25, 2023


GR Yaris – Brake gets too hot ?

Even the GR Yaris brakes are not spared!!! Almost every OEM brake quickly reaches its limits. Even the well-designed and well-proportioned brakes of the Toyota GR Yaris. SPEED Engineering GmbH The brake system of the racing car The GR Yaris already has a two-piece...

|Mar 27, 2023


Deeper and BROADER, but with understanding!

Wide body kits with function, less show, more performance. As some of you may have noticed on Instagram, we are currently working on a widebody kit for our Hyundai I30n and a BMW M2C. We want to give you a few key facts here and need your feedback on whether you...

|Mar 27, 2023


Buckle up!

If possible, the use of standard fixing points is welcome by the TÜV. Because these are guaranteed to be sufficiently resilient when it comes to fastening seat belts.

|Jan 9, 2023


Hurricane Golf 8 R BREITBAU

The Hurricane Golf 8 R with our wide body We need a discreet widening for our project car... in three weeks. Volkswagen That was the order from Volkswagen. So we were either the saviors and heroes of the project, or the ones to blame for it not being finished on...

|Dec 13, 2022


Tire temperature on your cell phone !

Always keep an eye on the tire temperature SMS- Stands for SPEED Monitoring Systems. In this area of our company, we deal with the recording, display and evaluation of relevant vehicle data. This also includes the sensor-based recording of tire surface temperatures...

|Dec 6, 2022


Better intake for your BMW

SPEED Engineering BMW Intake Kits "RAM-Air doesn't work" - "RAM-Air doesn't help" - "The turbocharger pushes much more anyway". Typical forum posts Based on these statements about the myth of the ram-air effect and the desire for cost-efficient, easy-to-implement,...

|Nov 22, 2022

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